Amma-The Hugging Saint

A message I had written on facebook, I decided I must keep. I will some day, write about my journey for Amma, but for now, this note has to be kept as my memoir.
I have been seeing Amma since 2003, and actually because of some experiences, she became my Guru in 2005 and then there was no looking back after that. Each year is special in seeing Amma. Such overwhelming emotions at times and feeling and sometimes blissful feelings. But today As I watched Amma sitting without food, water, or bathroom break and giving hugs from 8pm nonstop till 10am this morning. Remembering, Sometimes in NYC it has been for 15 hours. Of course thoughts came in my mind, I know it, but how can a normal human being do this day in day out. Hug millions now and keep spreading message of love, yet, guide and help each person. How is that possible? I know why it is? MY TRUTH. Then I saw a beautiful wedding. American couple getting married, south Indian or Malayalam style. In the end, actually most Indian traditions, I have seen women touch man’s feet. But here, I was amazed, women touched man’s feet and man women’s. I had read Amma’s quotes, but this was a reality that I saw today. Of course, Amma hugs people with disabilities, people from different race, sex, gender, color, caste, religion. She does not discriminate. To some she is truly messenger of god, to others-spiritual leader, and to others something else. To me, she is God, an ANGEL sitting among st us. Her endless service to the world, he desire to help more and her working for endless hours to teach us simple message of love, compassion, and healing by touch. Jai Ma. Each year I learn about life when I see her. Amma (EMBRACING THE WORLD) & Praying for World Peace. All I have is gratitude for all the things Amma has guided and helped me with. May the light within us keep burning with developing compassion and equality towards all beings in this world. Jai Ma.

“Love is our true essence. You can only feel love by expressing it. The more you give, the more your heart is filled. Love is a never ending stream. Real love is the complete absence of any negative feelings towards anyone.”

– AMMA (MataAmritaNandamayi)