Giving back to the world

Over the years, and in my life time, just like most people I always wanted to help the world in someway. In my life, I have tried to make a sincere effort, but not to the extreme I would like too. My sister, Gauri and I started a non profit with a friend. We did projects, in India, Africa, Cambodia, & USA. All of course in very small scale. But my trip to Haiti, few days back, showed me the reality.
It was the first time I came close to what I had seen in documentaries. Actually sick people, and actual people who make a difference. One of my friends Berleen recommended organization, TI Kay, they asked me for several things that would help their TB clinic. I only took Vitamin B6, in the list included, twin flat sheets, protein powder, batteries. It was not much, but since It was such short trip, I only took Vitamin B6 & some batteries. Later, when I reached the clinic, I wished I had got everything in the list.
I reached Haiti & it was so much like India. Some area’s clean, others dirty. Small huts, large homes. Traveling via tempo’s. So many stalls on the streets, I hardly saw any Malls, or movie theaters. Even the airport lacked the computer system. This country did need help. The airport had water leak. India is much more advance than Haiti.
As I arrived in the General Hospital. The TB clinic was outside. In the office, where Dr. Coffee and her nurses were, had 2 fans. I was humbled by Dr. Coffee. She was sweating and as we looked around the patients, some were on the floor, others on the bed. Some looked like skeleton, and some were being nursed by her back to health. At that moment I wished, I had done more and brought more. Through my RVP charitable organization, I gave some cash. Next day, we decided to go to the clinic and volunteer. We realized very fast, language was a barrier. But Dr. Coffee said we could feed the patients. So we took this protein shake and boiled eggs, wearing masks and gloves. From one bottle, changing straws. Some patients has no energy, we had to lift them, hold them and feed them. There was one lady in particular, whose mouth was dry, they finally had swab sticks. She could not drink water, so I had to feed her one small bottle, moisten her mouth with water. At the end, she used the little water to wipe herself to cool herself off. There were no fans and it was hot. They were under a tent. The only entertainment was on TV set. It was as real as it gets.
Also, that morning, I had taken two of my Teddy Bears from US, that sat in my apartment. I decided to give it to the kid in the clinic, who had nothing to play with. He picked my small pink Teddy Bear, he so much deserved it, than my apartment. It was nice to see him play with it. The second one I gave to a 28 year old lady, terminally ill, and she had a child.
We are so gifted with so much in life, it is hard to imagine how others live. I bow humbly to Dr. Coffee and people like her who dedicate their lives serving their time and nursing these people back to life.
Truly humbled by such experience.