Simple Act of Kindness

Who say’s NYC is where if you lose something, you will never find it. My story today. As I walked my 2 crazy hyper puppies, somewhere along the road I dropped by cell phone, which of-course is also my wallet. It had cash, and all my credit cards. By the time I realized it, I tried to run back towards the track I had taken, thinking in my mind, this is it, it is “comic con” and these streets are packed with people from out of town and who knows where. So, I go back to the doggy run, as their is no way I can walk with them being all crazy and leave them alone in doggy run, and run towards the street, then I ask street vendor if I could use his phone, he said okay.
I called my cell phone, and prayed that I get it back. Thoughts started running in my mind.
My thoughts, “If somebody uses my credit cards, bank cards, what am I going to do. Also, realized being alone and helpless without a phone, how would I call the companies to cancel my card. By the time I get to a store, it would be few hours, maybe I would have some cash at home, and then waiting in line at apple store for a phone. It would surly be an interesting day.”
These thoughts now make me think of how would I even call a single friend of mine. I know no ones number by heart, except, my husbands, who is busy and very busy at work. How this advancement of internet, contact number has made us more helpless, than from the times we had phones at home or working payphones on street corners. Situations like this, you wonder, really if this happened in a foreign country and I was alone???? Hmmm..!!
Well, going back to today, and lost phone/wallet. I ask a vendor, he dials my number for me. Someone answers, pleasant voice. He said he had my phone, and said he lived in my building, I said so do I. We met on the front desk. It was quick, he was with a male and female friend. I was still worried about my dogs, Destiny and Shampoo. So as he approaches, he hands me the phone and tells me he found it in a corner of the street, one block away. He saw my license which was from NC. Luckily, my business card was there, and he was going to send me an email once he got home. He told me where he lived. Believe it or not, one floor below me, in my building.
Out of all the “Comic Con” people walking around, it had to be someone who lives one floor below me. Really amazing. I asked him if I could give him something, he said no. When I looked inside, even my cash was there. I was amazed at the generosity and morality of this guy. But forgot to ask him his name, as I still had to go and pick up my dogs, thanks to the secure doggy run.
So, I run back to the doggy run, and my dear doggies were so so happy to see me. As, I walked home, I thought how silly of me to not even ask his name. So I stopped by the doorman and asked him if they knew who exactly gave my cell phone back to me. They said, 3 roommates live together, 2 are guys, and 1 female. So I guess all of them were together. They gave me names, not sure which one was the one.
As I got home, the first thing I did is buy him, who ever it was, a gift certificate, something small as appreciation, thankfulness, for doing the right thing, being honest, and saving me from a lot of trouble and stress during next few days.
All this happened within 15 minutes time frame. Thankful that someone was kind enough and thoughtful to return what was mine and saving me a lot of trouble. May god bless him and give him grace. Good things happen to those, who do good things. I know he will be rewarded somehow. Every good action contributes towards good Karma.
As they say, “Being human is given. But keeping our humanity is a choice. Be Kind, Be human

A good deed is never lost. He who sows courtesy, reaps friendship; he who plants kindness, gathers love; pleasure bestowed on a grateful mind was never sterile, but generally gratitude begets reward.

-St. Basil

We should have gratitude in life. We are indebted to the world and to all the beings in it.

-Amma (JAI MA)