The Lion – Jyoti Singh

So looks my niche is true inspirational stories. My films, I acted in “Yadvi-The Dignified Princess,” and “Samosa,” but based on actual events. And Today I watched: LION Wow-i cried the whole film. What a beautiful real life experience. Heartfelt. Based on true story. To all the lost kids all over the world. Looking at our privileged life, it only reminds us our pain is nothing. What people go through on day to day basis, we cannot even fathom. We must hold each hand if we can and make a difference in any small way possible. Innocence is lost each day, with this lost world. We must with all our losses realize there is much more to give in this world other than grudges, hatred, war amongst ourselves. Compassion is what binds all of us together. We must strive for peace and raise our hands to hold hands with these lost children and souls. Be thankful for all we have. With every gain we have losses and those losses should teach us how we should be someone’s gain. Lovely film with beautiful message of inner war that we build walls within, we must gain power to open these walls, and open our hearts to humility of the soul. To search what life you left behind is not easy, but to Never give up hope. You must believe. Life is short & you must be a lion to fight your inner struggles for outer growth.
Inspiring film. Truly touched me to my core. After “water” this is one other film that inspires me. Right before “Water” i was searching to help someone, that led to spending a week in MaDhaam (a widow center). This time around, I had been thinking for a while anyway, and actually trying to meet these kids who are taught in Mumbai on the streets. But last two trips trying to find the group wasn’t successful. Well this trip, my heart has been yearning to do something. AND Then, i see this movie. My motivation again becomes inspiration.