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Jyoti Singh, An Award Winning Actress & Humanitarian: Jyoti Singh, born in Dehradun, India, came to USA in her early years. Her Father, now retired was an engineer at boarder roads in the Indian Armed Forces, and her mother was the Princess of Maihar in central India. Her Grandmother was the daughter of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, renowned Maharaja of Patiala, India. She herself lived with her great grand mother, Maharani Vimal Kaur and was her favorite grandchild.

Jyoti Singh is an acclaimed award winning NYC based actor, and director She has to her credit a number of awards as Actor and Director. Yadvi—The Dignified Princess, Samosa, 9 Eleven, On Golden Years. Yadvi is a women empowerment film based on a true story; Samosa tells of immigrant women’s experiences in New York; Yadvi has won as many as twenty-two awards worldwide, and is releasing in New York and Los Angles May 25th to June 1st this year for a week. Apart from her Acting Career, Jyoti Singh spends her free time Singing and working for her charitable nonprofit organizations. Notable, Rajmata Vimlakaur Sahiba of Patiala Charitable Organization that funds projects concerning women and children’s welfare all over the world. She had recently spent several 2 months in India, teaching kids on footpath’s in Mumbai. Her motto in life is: “Life is short and we all have one life to live. So live as tomorrow may never be Live with peace, equality, compassion, humility, humanity and harmony. Always Stay Humble.”

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