Jyoti Singh

Jyoti Singh, An Award Winning Actress & Humanitarian: Jyoti Singh, born in Dehradun, India, came to USA in her early years. Her Father, now retired was an engineer at boarder roads in the Indian Armed Forces, and her mother was the Princess of Maihar in central India. Her Grandmother was the daughter of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, renowned Maharaja of Patiala, India. She herself lived with her great grand mother, Maharani Vimal Kaur and was her favorite grandchild.

SAG Eligible

Height: 5’3″ | Hair: Black | Eyes: Dark brown

Jyoti Singh is an acclaimed award winning NYC based actor, and director She has to her credit a number of awards as Actor and Director. Yadvi—The Dignified Princess, Samosa, 9 Eleven, On Golden Years. Yadvi is a women empowerment film based on a true story; Samosa tells of immigrant women’s experiences in New York; Yadvi has won as many as twenty-two awards worldwide, and is releasing in New York and Los Angles May 25th to June 1st this year for a week. Apart from her Acting Career, Jyoti Singh spends her free time Singing and working for her charitable nonprofit organizations. Notable, Rajmata Vimlakaur Sahiba of Patiala Charitable Organization that funds projects concerning women and children’s welfare all over the world. She had recently spent several 2 months in India, teaching kids on footpath’s in Mumbai. Her motto in life is: “Life is short and we all have one life to live. So live as tomorrow may never be Live with peace, equality, compassion, humility, humanity and harmony. Always Stay Humble.”

List Of Films in which Jyoti Singh Acted


Name Role Director
Yadvi Yadvi / Lead Jyoti Singh / Jigme Tenzing
Prince of Bollywood Madam Hunny Nidhi Katuria
Ahead Xing Dr. Nandani Suhir Ponncchamy
Mirror Game Husband’s Attorney Vijit Sharma
Welcome to North Carolina Sushasini Gauri Singh
On Golden Years Rekha / Lead Trilok Malik
9 Eleven * Sarita Gupta / Lead Manan Singh Kathora
Yaari Supporting Dhoom Brothers
Iraade Maum Ke Sarita / Supporting Gaurav Rawal
Life, Camera, Action Actress / Supporting Rohit Gupta
Walkaway Family Friend Shailja Gupta

List Of Television Shows in which Jyoti Singh Acted


Name Role Channel
The Slap (Mini Series) Pharmacist / Principle NBC
Monsters Inside Me Doctor / Receptionist Animal Planet
Sherlock Sai (Pilot) Supporting Suneeta Mishra
Adaalat (12/29/12) Mrs. Karla Sony TV
VOA / Community News Host ITV Gold
Fear Files (1/14/13) Supporting Zee TV
Sapna Pageant Mrs. NC TV Asia
Varli Cook Off Contestant TV Asia
Dam-Desi Al Mode Wife Pan Desi
Access to Bollywood Host / Red Carpet TV Asia
Royal Pains Nurse USA
Gossip Girl Guest CW
NRI Antakshari Contestant TV Asia
World’s Astonishing News Wife Japanese TV

List Of Web / Short Films in which Jyoti Singh Acted

Web / Short Film

Name Role Channel
Good Morning Client Already Alive
Hum Kaha Chal Diye Wife Dhoom Bros
Language Barrier Mother / Wife Manuel Ortega
Samosa ** Preet / Lead (Short Film) Vick Krishna
One Voice Muslim Women David Guetta / Mickky Ekko
Set Your Mind Teacher Krishna Films
Mums Mom Vick Krishna
Sunday’s Best Shakti Reel Ordeal Entertainment
Death’s Bouquet Wife Dean Wesley Logan
Love Kabob Supporting / Web Series Lindsay Levesque-Alam
Someday Abused Victim (PSA) May Ling
Good Morning Internet web series Poypack / IFC
The Comeback Sujahta Nanda Nayar
Sacrifice Mom Vinay Pujara
Dude Where’s my Supporting NC film Makers
Yaatra Guest Dipiti Mehta
At First Site Mother Surekha Dasari
Frame Principal Ravi Kumar
Indian Style Lead Nayantara Parikh
Music Film Principal Raj Mehta

List Of Theater / Stage in which Jyoti Singh Acted

Theater / Stage

Name Role Director
The Rahah’s Son & Princess Queen Kareena / Stage Read Nishi Rajan
Forbidden Doctor / Stage Read Christopher Stadulis
Bollywood Wedding Grandmother Zeshan Bhatti

List Of Commercials in which Jyoti Singh Acted


Name Role Firm
Horoscope Informal Indian TV
Jus Pac Wife / Face of Jus Pack Jus Punjabi
Leukemia PSA Mother Azaan Ashan
Xpress Money Wife Pan Desi / Canadian TV
Metlife Wife Print Ad.
Actors for Obama Pooja Gupta Zacy De’Epey(ZDE-TV)

List Of Acting Training Jyoti Singh have Taken

Acting Training

Name Trainer Place
William Esper Studio Inc John Frey Six week Summer Intensive
Access to Bollywood Roshan Taneja / Tom Alter Roshan Taneja Foundation of Performing Arts Certificate
Acting workshop Workshop Professor Robin Das
Acting for Film Certified 8 week New York Film Academy
Acting Workshop Brett Goldstein Producers Club
Monologue Class Harry O’Reilly Actor Alliance
Legit Audition Class M. Marciano Producer Club
On-Camera Audition Jagger Kaye Producer Club
Acting for beginners Jagger Kaye Producer Club
Basic Technique J. Kaplan HB Studios
On-Camera Commercial Kathy Searle Scott Powers
Audition / Cold Read A. Wilkson Scott Powers
Improvisation Joe Perce Scott Powers
Hosting / Teleprompter L. Sebatine Scott Powers

List Of Industrial Advertise in which Jyoti Singh Acted


Name Role Industry
Hartfort Insurance Co. Tammy Headline Productions
AggrenoxPoa & Aspiriva Nurse Brette Goldstein
Serpagroup Voice Over Kevin Mitchell
Sanofi Aventis Doctor Kolestein Talent
Virtual Diabetes Video Patient / Fatsuit D2 Creative

Some Of the Non Acting courses done by Jyoti Singh

Non – Acting

Name Type College
Baccalaureate Of Nursing Nursing NCCU

Won and Nominated for several Films at several Film Festivals


Yadvi: The Dignified Princess (Full Feature)
Name Film Festival Year
Best Emerging Female Director Dada Saheb Phalake FIlm Festival 2017
Award of Excellence: Lead actress Depth of Field International FIlm Festival 2017
Best Director 4th Indian Cine Film Festival 2016
Best Director / Best Actress NCSAIFF 2017
Samosa (Short Film)
Name Film Festival Year
Best Actress The People’s Film Festival 2014
Nominated-Best Actress World Music Film Festival 2014
9 Eleven
Name Film Festival Year
Nominated – Best Actress World Music Film Festival 2012